Consulting and Design Services

We offer the following waste management consulting services:

Landfill Development
Master planning
Bioreactor landfill management
Evaluation of leachate management and treatment systems
Geotechnical evaluations
Grading and drainage plans
Mechanically stabilized earth retaining walls
Design, project manuals, and bid documents for construction
Pipeline and pump station design
Economic evaluations
Landfill siting studies
Regulatory permitting and negotiations
Assistance at public hearings
Assistance in developing state solid waste regulations

Liner System Design
Single and double liner systems for
    - MSW landfills
    - Ash monofills
    - Hazardous waste landfills
    - Surface impoundments
Alternative liner designs
Cover system designs
    - Subtitle C and D traditional
    - Water balance
    - Exposed geomembrane covers
    - Veneer-reinforced
Peer reviews
Remedial design of poorly functioning liquid containment systems

Slope Stability Analyses
Static and seismic stability
Earthen slopes
Waste slopes
Bottom liner and final cover situations
Geosynthetic slopes
Laboratory testing program coordination
Deterministic and probabilistic approaches
Accounting for seepage forces and gas pressures
Peer reviews

Geotechnical Investigations
Site reconaissance
Supervision and logging test pit and drilling programs
Management and evaluation of laboratory testing programs
Data evaluation
Analyses for foundation design, waste reclamation and slope stability

Construction Services
Bid support services
Construction quality assurance testing and inspections
Construction management


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