Mr. Thiel is an engineer with over 30 years experience specializing in containment design applications for geotechnical projects, waste containment, secondary containment of fuel, and leach mining applications.  He has participated extensively in the feasibility evaluation, permitting, design, and construction of waste facilities and surface impoundments.  He is experienced at being an expert witness, performing design peer reviews, economic evaluations, failure analyses, design of liner systems with soils and geosynthetics, leachate management systems including pipelines an pump stations, geotechnical site reconnaissance and resource inves­tigation programs, construction quality assurance (CQA), and assistance in developing state solid waste regulations.  He is currently the instructor for the ASCE seminars on containment liner and cover systems design, as well as other courses related to geosynthetics and liner system design.  Before his specialization in containment system design, Mr. Thiel participated in the design of several large rock-fill clay-core dams.

Landfill design and construction management in Eugene, OR

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